About the Robert Posner Artists' Fund

The Robert Posner Artists' Fund
Born of an American mother and a Colombian Father, Robert Posner spent his short 42-year lifetime being different : Jewish in Catholic Colombia; gay in the machismo Latin American world; an immigrant with a Spanish accent; and an artist in a time where fancy cars are more prized than visual works of art. 


It was in this different world that Robert Posner lived, struggled and eventually succeeded in his attempt to bring beauty to the world through art.  His life's desire was to be an artist and, while he eventually achieved that goal, his true legacy was his ability to give to others, especially those less fortunate.


Robert Posner was a generous man.  His biggest generosity came from his heart, a heart later learned that was too big for the body in which it was placed.  It is in tribute to the man and his heart that those who were touched by him repay that generosity with the establishment of this Fund and its Awards.


The Robert Posner Scholarship Award


The Robert Posner Artists' Fund was established at the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund in 2006. 


The primary purpose of The Robert Posner Scholarship is to provide funds for education to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex students pursuing the study of visual arts and who are enrolled at an accredited institution of higher education or other nonprofit institution providing visual arts education.


Selection will be based on visual artistic talent and demonstration of the applicant's passion and commitment for their artistic calling.


The Louise Posner Smolin Prize


The Louise Posner Prize was established at the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund in 2006. 


The primary purpose of The Louise Posner Smolin Prize is to provide a cash award to a practicing artist who is supportive of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities, to enhance their ability to create and/or showcase visual art to the public.


Donate to the Fund


To donate, you may download the donation form below.  To request information about donating to the Fund, e-mail Samantha Giusti at sgiusti@dvlf.org or Mark Beyerle at mark@specialty-usa.com.

Heartfelt Thanks to all Loving Donors

Legacy Leader           $5,000+


Mark Beyerle


Carazón de Oro         $1,000 - $4,999

H. Bill and Ann Beyerle


Art Director                        $500 - $999



Amigo de Todos                $100 - $499

Michele DiVeterano  |  Stephen Stoltz  |  Kathy Margolis

Jeremy and Abigail Berger  |  Goldie Brown

Bruce & Lori Beyerle  |  Lois Fuller

Shelley & Eugene Potente  |  Maria DiBenedetto

The Chubb Corporation*



Kathy Jones-Nestor  |  Amrita Pederson  |  Louisa Cruz Vizcaino

Marcello Brening  |  Nonnette Wiernick  |  Joseph Duffy


*A gift from the corporate matching grant program.  For more information on matching grant programs, please contact us at info@robertposner.com.


Robert Posner Scholarship Winners





Darren Toliver

University of the Arts - Philadelphia


Shayna Feinstein

University of the Arts - Philadelphia


Louise Posner Smolin Prize Winners

The first Louise Posner Smolin Prize will be awarded in 2014.



Inaugural Ceremony

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